About TORA…
   TORA tutorial software deals with the following algorithms:
	•Solution of simultaneous linear equations
	•Linear programming
	•Transportation model
	•Integer programming
	•Network models
	•Project analysis by CPM/PERT
	•Poisson queuing models
	•Zero-sum games

   In Simultaneous Linear Equations and Linear Programming, L-U decomposition is used in matrix inversion 
   to guarantee computational accuracy.  

   The software provides a number of tutorial features:
	1. TORA allows both user-guided (tutorial) and automated use of the software.
	2. In the user-guided option, steps of the algorithms are reproduced exactly as presented in the book.  
	   The user decides the course of the algorithmic computations with instant feedback regarding the 
	   decisions made.  The objective is to reinforce the user’s understanding of the basic ideas of the 
	   algorithm without being “bogged” down in the computational details. 
	3. All the details needed to use an algorithm are given directly on the screen, thus precluding the 
           need for a user’s manual.
         NOTE: The TORA version on the CD is compiled under Windows XP/Service Pack2. Users of Service Pack 1 can download a .zip archive of the installer files
         for TORA here.       

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